Are you interested in bringing Young Scholars to your community? 3 new communities will start in 2015-16 school year. Do you have 6-10 families willing to try a new exciting homeschool program? Contact us to learn how to nominate your community for one of the three openings.

Directors Receive:
• Financial compensation
• Ongoing support through monthly calls
• Training for mentors to ensure integrity of the program
• Marketing materials to recruit families as well as mentors
• Annual business training that details how to start and manage a community

Directors Role
• Set the schedule
• Hire mentors to facilitate classes
• Identify a location for your campus
• Continue seeking best educational practices
• Build strong communities by cultivating relationships among families

Director Requirements
• Passion for learning
• Strong communication skills
• Commitment to multidisciplinary approach
• At least one year of homeschool experience
• Ability and desire to empower and inspire others

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